La nostra scuola, da diversi anni,  realizza progetti etwinning con Paesi Europei. Questi sono alcuni esempi. Visita le nostre pagine etwinning accedendo con le seguenti credenziali: Username: visitor.twinspace.3  Password: visitortwinspace


Art and music, a perfect combination

This project is addressed to students of two schools from Italy and Poland and has been designed to stimulate students to discover and deepen the subjects of Art and Music, mainly related to the Italian and Polish culture, but also to other European countries culture. The project includes an exchange of hospitality between pupils and teachers to take place in Italy in February and and in Poland in March. During the visits, activities related to the project will be carried out.

Climate Action Agents of Change

Young people are increasingly more aware and committed to fighting climate change. This project intends to take advantage of our pupils enthusiasm towards climate change by raising awareness about the importance of caring for the environment and becoming more proactive in incorporating such measures into school ethos. This is a timely initiative as Climate Change is eTwinning’s theme for 2020. Our project will create a synergy between 5 European secondary schools from Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and Spain in order to design and deliver coordinated actions to make our schools more environmentally friendly.

We are European, We are equal

Our project is titled “We are European, We are Equal.” The project is focused on educating pupils on the importance of equality issues to fight social exclusion and early school learning. The three partner schools from Spain, Greece, and Italy are located in disadvantaged areas of small cities affected by the lack of opportunities for young people. Our main aim, therefore, has been collaboration between teachers and pupils to research the “heptagon of equality” – 7 themes chosen by pupils as main causes of social exclusion: elderly, disability, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and immigration. This project has developed into a KA229 Erasmus+ Project in which pupils have investigated each theme in each partner country by completing activities before, during and after each pupil mobility trip. The preparatory activities have included videoconferences and collaborative Twinboards. The project has also included the participation of local stakeholders and the development of other active methodologies using a range of digital apps. The main outputs of the project include pupil ePortfolios, oral archives, videos, booklets, and lesson plans for teachers.

The aim of this eTwinning Project is to provide the necessary online work platform for pupils and teachers which will act as the central communication tool and collaborative work space for the second year of our KA229 Erasmus+ project “We are European, We are Equal”. Our project is focused on developing activities around the following seven themes that form the Heptagon of Equality: elderly, disability, religion, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and immigration. And so, this platform will help pupils to become future proactive European citizens who are concerned about equity and diversity, and will make a significant impact on society.